We are Kalamazoo Coffee Company. We are enthusiastic about sharing our intense passion for coffees and teas with you. Roasting all of our coffees on a “roast-to-order basis” ensures that the coffee is delivered to you as fresh as possible. All of our coffees are roasted precisely and carefully in small batches with our Probat coffee roaster, located in Downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan. We take the time to learn about the distinct characteristics of each coffee variety and roast with intent to bring out their most unique and pleasing characteristics. Consistency in roasting is very important to us. We enjoy hearing from our customers that our coffees are invariably satisfying.

Sure, we love coffee....but we won't lie, we love tea too! What we love most about the world of tea and herbs is the mysterious yet nostalgic experience in the consumption of them. Some teas and herbs are very distinct and recognizable to most people as others may be more unusual. They may bring back memories of some of your favorite past-times or dishes as others may offer a first-time experience, expanding your palate with a new taste or aroma. All organic, our loose leaf teas feature a locally sourced, Michigan grown fruit or herb. Our Michigan produce is handpicked in the peak of season and gently dried before before we hand blend them in very small batches to ensure an end result that is impeccable. Each tea blend is unique and has been formulated to stimulate your senses. We also have developed “fresh-from-scratch” recipes for the most unparalleled delicious drink mixes you will ever taste. Try our chai, you will then understand.

We will be here as long as you are and we want to thank you for that. We are so grateful to be able to do what we love and share all of our creations, knowledge and friendship with each and every one of you. If you would like to share a postive experience you have had with us, please do so on our Facebook page. For any suggestions or concerns please send us an email, we are always interested and open to new ideas. Thank you for continuing to support us on our journey to create an unique and mindful Michigan business. Please continue to spread the word.

CONTACT US: Garrett@KalamazooCoffeeCompany.com


Kelsey Mac
"Great coffee, great people. Inspired design work."
Kendalyn Thuma
"Water Street has some serious competition! I really like their different blends, the artwork on the bags and their support of the local music scene. I bought their "Sapped and Tapped" blend yesterday which is maple walnut. It's really good if you like flavored coffee, which I do. They also carry a vegan hot chocolate blend which I have not tried but seems pretty unique."
Sarah Bauman
"Very pleased with my purchases at D&W the other day. So yummy, and always happy to buy local."
Matthew Kurtz
"I always buy like three bags at a time, because I can't pick just one! They are usually MoJo, Maple Walnut, Butter Pecan or Hazelnut. Honestly I have tried almost all of them and Kalamazoo coffee has yet do disappoint! :)"
Rebecca Silence
"My new favorite beans: Kalamazoo Coffee Co.'s Backpacker's Blend. I add just a tiny bit of organic maple syrup, which brings out the subtle spicy dark chocolate notes in the blend. Delicious!"
Anna Shade
"The loose teas are fabulous. Especially love the Rooibos and the Green Tea with Peach! Amazing!"
Seven Bryant
"These folks make amazing Vegan Hot Cocoa. Add in a few vegan marshmallows and Yum!"
Mike Rapaport
"Buy local, organic. I'm in love with Backpacker's blend!"
Paul Sutherland
"Fabbulous coffee and tea!"
Tonya Cooper
"I just bought their Pumpkin Spice from D&W yesterday. This time of year I try to enjoy everything pumpkin and this coffee does not disappoint! Love it!"
Hector H. Meillon Huelga
"Guatemala Medium Roast... Bien!!

Recommendations taken from our Facebook page